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The data and analyses that we offer are available through API

What can you achieve?

Models and analysis

Strengthen your models and create unique products with detailed and up-to-date location and consumer data


Complement your CRM and databases with additional information about your customers, allowing your team to better understand the specifics of each point

Cloud computing

Use our cloud and interface to calculate and display analysis results

Key benefits

  • flexible access, i.e. payment only for the data you need
  • unique data sources you won't find anywhere else
  • very detailed data (up to building level)
  • data updated on an ongoing basis

How will you get it?

Location data

Traffic volume values in any selected areas are obtained using geospatial data from mobile devices that connect to wi-fi networks. We use location data from several million devices, which are extrapolated to represent the population adequately.


The basic information in most of the spatial analyses is data about the surrounding inhabitants and the demographic structure in a given location. Our database consists of information about the number of inhabitants and their demographic structure (division into age groups and gender), for each building where people are registered.


Knowing the average earnings of residents will allow to estimate their budget for specific products and services. The purchasing power of the residents of the selected area in our database consists of net income from employment and assets.


On the basis of market information, we prepare statistics on consumption of particular product groups by customers living in a given place. The information provided relates to the following product groups: food and beverages, alcohols, cigarettes, clothes, shoes, furniture, household textiles, household appliances, home maintenance, medical products, electronics, toys, books, hygiene and beauty. The data show the total annual expenditure for each group per capita and total.


We can provide data on the type and function of buildings in any chosen area divided into general categories (e.g. apartments, schools) and specific categories (single-family house, high school). The database is based on the government Land and Building Register and contains detailed information about each building in Poland.


Information on planned and currently implemented construction projects allows e.g. to identify new housing estates or prepare for changes resulting from the commissioning of new roads.The database is created on the basis of two sources - the first one is aggregated together with our partner, Kompas Inwestycje, the second one is created on the basis of building permits from the Head Office of Building Control. Together they provide precise information about both the investments under construction and those planned (at the design stage).

Commercial and service points

Data on the locations of trade and service points and traffic generating points. The database is created on the basis of observation and aggregation of enterprise websites, Internet catalogues, lists of institutions and public data. The database is verified manually and constantly updated.



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