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Check potential earnings

Check out the estimated income and costs you can expect in a given place.

Placeme is not just a simple benchmarking tool based on demography and the competition market. Our tool allows you to estimate accurately the profitability of the venture that would occur in a given place. Our data includes the number of potential competitors, their earnings, the cost of maintaining a specific outlet in the indicated area, the volume of traffic, customer journey of local residents and many other factors affecting the profitability of the investment. Thanks to unique machine learning algorithms, our tool will calculate estimated income for you. You indicate the location and Placeme determines how much you will earn at the indicated address. It’s simple as that.

What are the benefits?

Check how much you can earn

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Find out how much your business will earn in a specified location.

Discover the potential of your business

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Verify the profitability of stores, retail chains and shops that are already in certain places.

Find out where it is worth investing

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Check the earnings of your competition. Find out what estimated earnings are provided by specified ventures in the indicated locations.


Unique machine learning algorithms

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Our database of independent data sources is constantly growing, increasing the precision and accuracy of our analyzes.

Instant results

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With Placeme you do not need the help of analysts who have to work with data for months. Here, the conclusions are ready in just a few seconds.

Advanced analytics

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You need just a few mouse clicks to make the right decisions for the future of your startups and growing businesses.

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