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Find places with business potential

Check if your business has a chance to succeed in a chosen location.

Choosing a place for a new store, restaurant or warehouse is always associated with high investment risk. Even good knowledge of the industry, market and competition does not guarantee success without specific knowledge about the location that you are interested in. With Placeme, you’ll quickly get the necessary information and ready-made solutions that will help you make the right decision. You will quickly learn the specifics of the selected location and the characteristics of potential customers who often appear in the area. One subscription gives you access to an unlimited number of analytics and searches.

What are the benefits?

Location knowledge

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Placeme allows you to compare any number of locations in terms of detailed characteristics of the place, competitive pressure, demographics and preferences of the consumers who appear daily in the selected area.

Strengthening sales activities

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Our tool needs just a few moments to show you the best places with high demand for specified products and services. With Placeme you know exactly what and where you should sell.

Market analysis

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With Placeme you will learn what factors can affect the success or failure of your current business ventures and those you are just planning.


Unique data sources

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Our analytics are based on independent and reliable data sources, which we mostly obtain ourselves.

Transparent results

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Placeme is more than just simple data visualization. Based on complex analytis and unique machine learning algorithms, our tool suggests ready-made applications and solutions.

Interactive analysis

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We know that one report is not enough. With Placeme, you can analyze selected locations for many different factors. The results are always generated instantly.

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