Match your in-store actions to customer profiles

Find out which customer segments are visiting your premises. Choose the best places for promotions.

Right promotions at right locations

What can you achieve?

Knowledge of customers

Gain insight into the specifics of the sales channels and the customers using them

Matched promotions

Select locations that are likely to generate the highest profits for the planned promotions


Study a specific group of stores in a given area with a recommendation for promotions

Key benefits

  • better understanding of the needs of different consumer groups
  • ready-made recommendations for promotional activities and ways to reach customers
  • increase in sell-out as a result of a better-fitting activation

How will you get it?

Network analysis

In our application you can analyze the entire chain of points of sale or selected groups of shops in terms of the profiles of their visitors. The network analysis module allows for the separation of a group of stores with the advantage of a specific customer profile, which allows for better planning of marketing actions.


Placeme is not only an application that stores hundreds of gigabytes of consumer data, but also an advanced analytical tool that draws business conclusions based on machine learning algorithms and delivers them to the user. You will receive ready-made recommendations for consumer activations in individual sales channels and groups of stores.

Focus on the most effective promotional activities

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