Optimize outdoor campaigns

Get insight into the number and repeatability of your campaign audience. Identify inefficient media and reduce campaign costs by up to 20%.

The key to effective advertising investment

What can you achieve?


Determine the reach of your outdoor ads by finding out how many people actually see your media


Check the repeatability of recipients of particular media, i.e. which media are cannibalised

Best locations

Choose the best locations for new media by monitoring pedestrian and car traffic at potential locations

Exact cost

Know the exact cost of reaching one customer in a given campaign

Key benefits

  • monitoring the actual number of unique recipients each day
  • identification of the least efficient media
  • reducing the cost of reaching the customer

How will you get it?


Our technology based on processing location data from mobile devices will enable you to monitor traffic in real time, i.e. know the number of unique people interacting with your media.


Advanced geoanalytical engines will allow you to simulate different media configurations in your campaign and the impact of these changes on its cost, visibility and audience.

Start to reach your audience at less cost

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