Monitor customer traffic wherever you want

Analyze changing traffic trends around your and your competitors' points of sale. Identify market risks and get a clear picture of the entire network.

Find out where your customers are going

What can you achieve?

Traffic trends

Monitor changes in traffic during the day or week and identify traffic flow trends to more closely analyse consumer habits

Traffic changes alerts

Identify points where traffic is rapidly decreasing in real time to be able to react quickly

Shared customers

See how the groups of customers from individual stores (own and competitors) overlap

Market share

See your share in the micro-market against the competition (how the movement of residents between your and the competition's points is distributed) and discover the areas where you win/lose the fight for the customer

Key benefits

  • understand the competitive environment and identifying the biggest rivals
  • check yourself against the competition and verify their impact on your brand
  • monitor the effectiveness of marketing activities

How will you get it?

Monitoring the network

The interactive module in our application will allow you to enter a list of locations you want to monitor and provide access to visualization of traffic across the network. You can receive real-time notifications if traffic at monitored points increases or decreases, allowing you to react immediately.

Share in the market

It is also easy to see how traffic is distributed between you and your competitors by displaying on the map the percentage of visits made by residents of a given area to a given store. The engine driving traffic analysis is location data from mobile devices, which we process to provide information about where people come from.

See your performance compared to competition

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