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Points-of-sales management & development

Increase efficiency at the network-wide level

Even a great knowledge of the industry, the market and the competition will not guarantee the success of new openings, the missing link is access to comprehensive information about the traffic volume, characteristics of residents or planned investments. This data and many others available in the placeme application contribute to minimizing investment risk in the expansion process. A clear insight into the changing traffic trends around existing point-of-sales and their surroundings will allow you to immediately identify market opportunities and threats and, as a result, increase the efficiency of the entire network.


What are the benefits?

Choose the best locations

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Compare selected locations according to consumer preferences and demographics, traffic and competitive pressures.

Prevent cannibalisation

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Find out what is the cannibalisation of freely chosen addresses on the map.

Forecast sales volume

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We create predictions of the number of customers and profit on the basis of historical data of sales points and specific conditions of a potential location.


Unique machine learning algorithms

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Our database of independent data sources is constantly growing, increasing the precision and accuracy of our analyzes.

Instant results

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With Placeme you do not need the help of analysts who have to work with data for months. Here, the conclusions are ready in just a few seconds.

Advanced analytics

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You need just a few mouse clicks to make the right decisions for the future of your startups and growing businesses.

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