Location is the key to success

Avoid costly errors in the expansion process and maximize the chance of success of new openings.

Find the best locations and simulate new openings

What can you achieve?

Location characteristics

Compare selected locations in terms of traffic, consumer preferences and demographics, earnings and expenses of residents and competitive pressure


Prevent your points from cannibalisation as early as at the stage of establishing a development strategy by checking how many customers will a potential location share with an existing one

Performance forecast

See how the opening of new locations would affect a given micro-market or the entire chain

Key benefits

  • provide the expansion team with a tool that will greatly facilitate their daily work, allowing them to explore locations in an intuitive application and focus on those with the highest potential
  • shorten the process of collecting location information 
  • get more reliable results, based on hard data and make data-driven decisions

How will you get it?

Location report

We’ll give you an access to a set of all the most important information about the area of analysis of the selected address, i.e. a detailed report on the location characteristics. The analysis results and visualizations are created immediately, without any interference from our side.


You will be given the opportunity to study the impact of new sales units on existing ones, i.e. simulate the change in the distribution of their sales units and analyse the impact this will have on individual indicators such as the number of pedestrians, traffic repetitiveness, number of inhabitants and their earnings...

Avoid making wrong decisions about new openings

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