Direct your sales rep to the stores with the greatest potential

Discover the places with the greatest demand for your products. Give your business an increase in sales that may now be out of reach.


What can you achieve?

Pos rating

Evaluate which stores in the database and those not yet visited are worthy of attention from the field sales force

Pos characteristics

Get a complete picture of the points of sale that will support decisions leading to a sell-out increase

Key benefits

  • objective criteria for the evaluation of the points-of-sale in the database
  • identifying the places where the sale does not take place, but it should
  • points-of-sale scoring by sales growth potential

How will you get it?

Network analysis

In the intuitive application you can have constant insight into key information about the characteristics of selected groups of stores.  Compare them in terms of important features, such as where is the most traffic or where customers spend most money on specific product groups. A dedicated panel will allow you to discover which groups of stores or single points of sale require more attention.


We can provide you with external data to enrich your CRM with. This will give your team an access to information that will help them understand the characteristics of the individual points.


Our technology is based on advanced processing of spatial data into ready-made conclusions about the potential of location and customer behaviour in the real world. We will create for you a ranking of points of sale in the selected region, where each shop will be evaluated on the basis of external factors that affect its potential.

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